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It was 6th of June, 2013. Everything was going great

It was late back in June 2013. I have just completed my high school I don’t have any other job nor I didn’t have any other interest. There was a lot of time for me to waste. I didn’t have girlfriend too to do some time pass. I thought of not wasting it and utilize that time. So I was helping my uncle in the shop. I didn’t have any other choice and moreover my uncle was going to move out for some days to Delhi for some reasons. I was there to handle the shop along with two other employees. But everything changed my life later that day.

It was 6th of June, 2013. Everything was going great. It was like a normal day. I wake up on time 9 am, which is my normal timing but, according to my parents I am late though. Yes they were right in some sense, since my uncle was not present, I had to look after the shop. So I hurried up and within a few minutes I was ready to go to shop. I was in rush so was not able to take my breakfast. The shop is just around 5 mins walkable distance from my home. So I reached shop and helped the other employees. I don’t like they working alone. Everything was same, since it was morning there were not much customers around the town. I was just browsing Facebook, the king of social media, all my friends have Facebook accounts and it was very interesting to hang out online, so I was chatting to them. Was looking on to a post which one of my friend posted, I don’t perfectly remember the name of the user, it was written like a foreigner fell in love with a Indian girl and also married her. I was just wondering if the story was true or just a viral story. Because I didn’t believe in love over the web. So, I just left it without taking it much seriously and moved on to the next post.

Around 3:30 pm I received a message from an unknown user, the profile name was”karishma das”. I replied after much hesitation “hi!”. I had a hesitation because I have seen peoples creating fake accounts and chatting. So I thought some of my friend might do this and will tease me later make fun if they get a chance. The fact was that it was not a fake account and it was the genuine account of “Karishma Das”. We just started with the basic introduction. I came to know she was from the same town I belong. She had also just appeared her hslc matriculation examination. Within a few hours we became a good friends. I was interested to talk to her, but didn’t express so. We kept on texting till evening, but unfortunately I had to leave the conversation because the rush of customers was going high and it was my responsibility to assist the customers. So I appologised her and went back to my work. Whenever I get a free spare time I used to text her. And the most interesting thing is that she used to reply back instantly. As if she was eagerly waiting for my messages and had a hunger to reply the same.

Days went by and we used to text every day. This made our friendship bond stronger. The most ironic fact is that we did not even exchange our contact number. And to my shock her account was blocked after some days I was not able to contact her. I was just confused at that moment, I didn’t knew what to do, it seems I was addicted to her text messages, but I was left with not even a single option to contact. After few days I was giving satisfactory statement to my heart that I might have some better option ahead. Even though somewhere in my heart I felt like I was doing the same as the fox did when he was unable to reach the vine of grapes, replying to himself that the grapes might be sour. Some days later I was back again to my normal life, but still I used to check my inbox regularly at quarter hour of interval expecting her to text me again.

If you like my story I would love to share further.

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