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“Oh no!Its getting late!”

“Oh no!Its getting late!” I rush down the stairs of the overpass, connecting the 2 campus of our university.Its almost 6pm and I’m still at school. We had an appointment in school, so I wasn’t able to take a look at the time. There were only how many steps for me to reach the ground when somebody grab me and hug me from behind. My heart beats so fast. I’m so nervous. Base from its strength, I know that he’s a boy. Oh no, a rapist?A killer? God, am I going to die? Please! Help me Oh Lord! I was about to look who the guy is but he put his palm on my face, covering my eyes. “No don’t,” he said.My heart beats faster and louder. But this time, it was something else, not out of nervous. “Im sorry, but I can’t hold it back anymore. I just want to tell you that… I-I love you *insert my name here*” he added. I was speechless. What? Is this a confession?! What with this manga-like situation?! [Im an otaku, by the way.]

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