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And I told him that I am a Virgin

Today I had sex with a prostitute for the first time. My friends have had sex before me and I told him that I am a virgin. He was like you need to get laid man. I was like I don’t know, than he decided we should do a fundraising that we can get money to pay a prostitute. Of course I agreed because I’m kinda cheap so better for me we finished early from school, we decided to walk to go there its like 15min walk from school we got there.

There were like allot of prostitute but one was hot enough for me so we went in there she start blowing, than I penetrated missionary, doggy style etc it was AWESOME! I liked her she had patience great service.

I would like to do it again. I’m 18 btw. I decided to share because maybe it can help someone in the future.

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