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Dear God,Can you hear me?

Dear God,

Can you hear me?

I’d like to express my gratitude to you for granting many magical things to people around the world.

I’m sorry to bother you. It’s tactless of me to ask for your help. But everyone is deserved to study in a better education. Besides, fondness for studying is not wrong at all so I decide to write this letter. I don’t have right to require anything but my future might depend on your decision. Whether will this world have one more great man, it’s up to you somewhat. Many people are waiting for your help, but I do believe you will help me as you are the saver of this world. I’ll be very grateful if you give me a chance to study in a developed education like U.S at once.

I’m a seventeen girl living in a small remote area in Vietnam. On account of living in a hard countryside, I know clearly about the poor’s life, their efforts and including their beautiful aspirations. Many poor parents manage to earn money day and night with a view to letting their children study. Many poor children go to school without breakfast who try to study with the aim of changing their life. The life is not fair by nature. There’re too many forgotten souls. There’re too many abandoned destinies, which makes me feel that I must do something to create a big change to improve this society. Contributing many useful things to people and helping children all over the world have right to study fairly is my big dream. Studying abroad is the first step to make it come true as I need a good background of education first to do it intelligently and efficiently. Unfortunately, perhaps I could carry out it if family didn’t have a heavy debt.The financial difficulty has distanced me from my dream.

Some English certificates, a firm background of knowledge,an outstanding passion, some interesting projects or sports achievements are basic factors to get a scholarship to study abroad. I don’t want to make excuses at all but in terms of my situation, these achievements are too hard for me to do. So I prefer to send my emails directly to many schools and sponsors telling about my difficulties and my attempts as I hope there will be someone kind to sympathize and help me. But these letters are hardly replied. No one is willing to answer an email from a strange girl who descends from indebted family. No one is willing to give me a scholarship. And no one wants to understand what I’ve experienced and how hard I’ve tried. They’ve forgotten everything has its own reason.

Everyone is a product of situation and environment. The environment plays an important role which will decide the ability of one person can be developed or not. My country is developing. The education is unfair. The rates of students who can go to school are just 64%. The difference between the city and the countryside is very big. Somewhere, children are not learnt English. There’re many rural and poor students left behind, including me. Therefore, the students who have got the scholarships are all the ones of gifted and international schools who descend from rich and powerful families. Scholarships are just an illusory dream for poor high school students.

Rural students are hard, strong and independent. But except for attempts and dreams we have nothing. We live in a fogy region: no language center, no sport club, no art class. No teacher knows what IELTS is, no one guides us what to do. We are disoriented. Studying English is something rare. Only when I was twelve, was I taught incomplete grammar at school: no chance to speak or listen. In spite of enjoying English materials and online English classes, I can’t buy or join as the costs are too expensive. When seeing my parents manage to pay the monthly interest, I don’t have right to require anything. Man proposes God deposes. However hard I have tried to get up at 3.30 am to study myself, I can’t be as excellent as rich students. The suitable time to study new language has passed.Without great English, I don’t have basic factor to join in the scholarships. I’m always failed. I used to think that joining in some seminars would be by far easier for me to find a chance. Yet, even the overseas consulting firms prevented me from joining in the interview after I had shared about my family situation through the phone.

Poor students are like small hawks lost in the croop. In spite of being capable of flying, we’re just able to look up at the sky and hope.

Efforts are never enough, sometimes we have to pray for a chance. It’s easy for rich and urban students to get that chance. But for me a girl who doesn’t descend from powerful family and have no support, that chance is impractical.

Each day my parents have to face up with the lenders. My father has not had a certain job yet. He just grows trees to earn money for payment of the debt next year. My mother has to work day and night. Her salary is not enough for me and my sister to get the education we’ve expected. Although we’re not too miserable, that heavy debt has a bad effect on our study. Many great men from America, U.K or Europe…could become successful men in spite of their hard situation. I admire them so much because many of them were even poorer than me. However, at least they were born in a developed and prosperous nation whose culture is modern and great.They lived in a country whose education is so amazing, where students have right to show their opinions and the teachers are always willing to listen to them. As to me, I don’t have that good opportunity. So I need your help. I wish someone will give me the financial and visa assistance so that I can travel and study in a developed education like America, United Kingdom, Australia… I need to study in a developed education at all costs. I don’t hope for a scholarship. But I’ll be very grateful if anyone help me immigrate to U.S to study and let me loan to pay the expenses (visa, travel, tuition…). I can work hard to repay the loan if being allowed by laws. Or I will pay back when I’m able to earn money. I really want to study there for many reasons: I need erudition to develop my ability; to find out the most exact way to help people. I know if I want to get a high and great education like that, I must have a big investment. Nevertheless, my now situation doesn’t let me do that. If being given a chance to study in a good education especially U.S, I will try my best to be deserved with your favour.

America’s education is always the best one in the world for many reasons. One of them is this country’s education appreciate goodness and good personality more than marks or achievements in paper. They aware that the magnanimity is by far more important than any certificate because the one whose human dignity is good can contribute many useful things to community. Morever, an intelligent mind can be trained but a compassionate heart is priceless. Maybe I’m just a normal girl without outstanding feats. But the disadvantages have made me become a strong, patient and industrious girl who isn’t afraid of any challege. The financial difficulties have taught me to live economically and independently. The shortage has made me know how to cooperate with people. Maybe I haven’t established any charitable funds or joined in any great charitable activity, however, I always try to help others if possible. I can’t do great things for mankind but I can do small things for people around me. I can understand that only when I live for others do my life become meaningful. I live with all my heart.

There is a story like this:

“Archibald Campbell was a very ordinary man. He was the kind of ‘no one’ person who wasn’t well-known, outstanding or rich. He was just one of numberless people living in the age of establishing the U.S.A; a teacher in a small school. His daily work was to teach Fredericksburg boys. He loved that work. Everyday, he suggested many ideas, asked his students about their thoughts, their opinions and their future plans. He encouraged them to read and think of what they had read. He challenged each boy’s imagination and even listened to their dreams which seemed to be impractical. Although he was just an ordinary teacher whose name no one can’t remember, lots of his students who had done many great things for their nation recalled his name respectfully when growing up.

In fact, fame and greatness is only for a few of people. In some books written about great men, there are thousands of names at the most. However, billions of ‘no one’ people outside are making the world get better. No country can’t exist without them, who seem to be ‘no one special’ people. They who don’t have any breakthrough, are creating many helpful things…

Yes, Archibald Campbell was a very normal teacher who was thought to be ‘no one’. But his life was not wasteful. No one can remember his name but no one can forget his three students’ names: George Washington, James Madison and James Monroe – the first, forth and fifth president of America.”

I am also one of many normal people in this world. I am not ‘someone special’, like the air: Immaterial, quiet and soft. However, no living planet can begin without air. What makes I different is I know what I can do and I’m sure about my competence. If given a chance, I can do something meaningful in the future.

I hope to do something meaningful for this life. But I can’t do it without good education. I’m studying in a school which destroys my creativeness , where students just study and compete for exams and marks, where students go to university just because of their parents’ expectations, where the adults force their children to give up their true passion just because of money. I’m living in a region where my opinions are not appreciated, where people judge my choice to be wrong without understand my reason if I don’t conform to their crazy stereotype, where children have to obey the teacher no matter wrong or right he is. I know you prefer helping big communities to helping anyone individually. But if you help me to get the education I’ve always expected, it’ll not only good for me, but it’ll be good for many people also in the future for sure. I promise I’ll become a truly helpful man for the globe.

I have no tear left to cry now. I feel so lonely and afraid. No one is willing to give me a chance once. I always pretend to be strong when thinking of my family, but I can’t stop my tears. I am afraid of diisappointing them. I am going depressed and paranoid. I wish my family were richer so that I could study in the country I like. I wish my mother wouldn’t have to work exhaustedly everyday. I wish my sister could study in a better place and have right to choose the job she loves. I wish my future descendants wouldn’t live a hopeless life like their mother. What should I do now?

Everyday, some planes fly over my house. I’ve wondered when I could see the airport in person then travel to U.S to realize my dream. I wish to walk on large streets, travel by comfortable trains to school and study in my favorite education instead of living in this small area, travelling by crowded and crazy buses for one hour to study in boring classes. “Pain is real and so is hope”. I believe there will be a generous sponsor willing to help me and there will be always a scholarship for efforts. It can be said I’m paranoid to dream of studying abroad. However, I want to be the first one in this countryside to get the scholarship so that the other poor students can have an encouragement to keep fighting without any inferiority complex. If you sponsor me through my study, it means you’re sponsoring a good thing for many people in the future. It’s a dream of a girl who wants to change everything positively, not only for her, but also for her family and for everyone.

So long as you believe in my ability, I’ll never let you down.

I hope it will be sent to you and when I wake up tomorrow everything will change.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for everything.

Warmest regards.

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