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I’ve been depressed for 4 years

I’ve been depressed for 4 years and don’t know what to do any more. I am honestly considering suicide, but I do not feel comfortable telling my parents about it. They do know I’m depressed. I’m not sure what to do because therapy and medicine is not working. Suicide sounds like the only option.

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  1. I’ve been depressed for 7 years – I feel ya. My parents are no help in this either – I feel ya. Therapy done me no good – I feel ya. Sorry life’s such a bother but you should listen harder. Seek another hand, I know you think there’s no body, but there is someone somewhere. For me, I found that person, so now you just gotta look harder. Suicide is not the only option. I don’t even know you, but I care. You’re thinking “this stupid stranger acting like they know me, but they ain’t know anything” I’m like “so what if I don’t know – there’s this thing called agape, you should try it”. It’s the love because you can love – not the love because of any reason. If I could I would give you a hug. Hugs are pretty good medicine. The only medicine that works for me. Give someone a hug and if they hug you back tight enough you will see. Love is more powerful than you might think, love is an option over suicide – yes I myself have tried. Don’t get hung up on that liar – destiny is something to aspire. My name means “to ascend” so listen and fly fly higher. Just try try harder and the load will be lighter. I know you’ve got an inner fire so shine it a little brighter so yourself can see. Don’t take death in so easily, you can fight it with love.

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