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My name is mark I was born in Denver

My name is Mark I was born in Denver co. But was raised in limon co. I suffered from abuse and neglect most my child hood until I was about 10 then I went in to foster care and bounced around a lot no one seemed to give a fuck about me I never learned much about being an adult or any kind of things to help me in the future so when I turned 18 I was let out of foster care well when I was 18 I met and started dating a girl who was 15 and she was there she cared about me well we had sex and I got charged for it I tried to commit suicide by hanging myself but I woke up in the hospital not knowing what happen but sometimes I just wish no one found me and even though I loved her she left me afterwards well needless to say I’m now a registered sex offender and on probation my memory isn’t very good I have so much on my mind I just lost my job because I showed up at the wrong time I’ve been so mixed up and confused I know my probation officer will throw me in jail for losing my job I hate my life I cant find nothing that will help BTW this is just a summary there’s more details I just don’t feel like sharing them all.

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