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Hi I am from India and like every Indian

Hi I am from India and like every Indian girl I have some typical problems like my parents are very conservative and they don’t want me to go outside alone and enjoy my life. They don’t even allow me to use any social networking as well. I have recently passed grade 12 and now I am in my first year of college. My brother goes with me every morning to my college and my father picks me up from my college in the afternoon. I do feel like a caged bird and have to follow everything they say as they threaten me that they will not allow me to study if I don’t obey them. Now after 12 grade all my best friends are in different colleges and info miss them a lot but as I don’t use any social networking I am not able to talk to them and feel very lonely. As I am very bright in studies my parents want to see me on a higher post I also want to be in civil services but the day I told them I want to join civil services they have started pressurising me more to study hard. And they forcibly send me to some coaching as well but I want to study of my own they don’t understand this and say you will never be able to get into civil services if you will keep on making excuses like this and I am feeling very much depressed I don’t know what to do?? plz suggest

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  1. I can feel you. I’m stuck in the same situation but mine’s less fucked like I have got phone & social media and stuff but they my parents dont allow me for concerts, sleepovers, night outs, clubbing, etc. These kind of stuff is very common in my circle but my parents dont allow me as a result I’m left. My parents dont even allow me for a fucking movie with friends. These things have always created a scene in my home. Fights, verbal/physical abuse also happen coz i am verrrry short tempered and I fucking make snap them by sarcasm and taunts. Only advise i can give you is as long as you are dependent on them you’ll have to live on theri terms & conditions. Study, Get a job, move out and the very next day you’ll start having the time of your life. Money is THE SOLUTION. Become independent and GTFO. I too am planning to leave India for studies, and girl, trust me I am never coming back. Good luck!

  2. Study hard, get a job. Be independent. Take a stand and move out as soon as you are earning. Trust me your parents care for you but you also need to get out and care for yourself. Once you are on your own, your parents will not bother you anymore. Just one time take a stand.

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