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My love story is so sad

My love story is so sad. I just can’t explain it in words. But I’m just giving a short description.I loved a boy who never loved me back. I still love him, he doesn’t love me back.. okay, It happens. But do you know how many times I tried to convince him? Uncountable. But I just want to share that how much change have come in my life through this hurtful experience.. I’m a religious person now. I am a Muslim. I never prayed 5 times a day, but when I was in that trouble, I started saying prayers 5 times a day and everyday I started saying my prayer regularly to pray for him, because I wanted him. But now, I am totally changed. I want nothing but my Allah. If Allah is satisfied with me then I’m successful in my life. Hardest situation in my life made me realize the truth. I inspire everyone to keep faith in Allah. Never lose hope, surely you will be succeeded.:)

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