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It was a friday night and my sister had…

It was a Friday night and my sister had her friend sleeping over. Her friend is a petite blonde, the night she slept over I awoke at 4:15 a.m. and I saw her sleeping on the couch and I couldn’t resist, she was wearing short shorts that were to big on her and a t-shirt that was loose. I walked up to the couch and slowly poked her to see if she was asleep (lucky for me she was a heavy sleeper) the I slowly put my hands on her still developing, soft breasts and began to squeeze. Then I slowly worked my hands down her little body. Finally I got down to her ass, I slid my hand inside her shorts, she was wearing these blue panties that were tight on her ass. I put my hand on her ass cheek and slowly squeezed, her ass was firm yet it was so soft. When I went to go move my hand, she began to turn so I quickly slid my hand out of her shorts. 3 minutes later I went back to her and she was laying on her back still asleep, so I slowly slid my hand up her leg and finally I got to her pussy. I moved her panties out of the way to see that she was hairless. Her puffy lips were so hot, I started to rub her pussy ever so gently and then I finally slid a finger into her wet pussy. She was so tight that I could barley get half my finger inside her. That’s when I found out she was a virgin. I decided to not pop her cherry that night. I figured I will have another night for that.

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