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My life story right now…

My life story… My life story right now is hard… the pain is unbearable. It feels like I have two swords piercing my heart. The one who is holding the first sword is my father… By giving me hope but also crushing it at the same time. He tells me that I can get close to the guy I love but, at the same time, he tells me the despises him and that he doesn’t want him around. How am I supposed to get close to someone if they aren’t even allowed around? I now have to go behind my parents back because they don’t understand me. They don’t try to understand why I love him. The other person who is holding the second sword is the guy I love… We have dated before, almost three years ago… I cheated on him and never told him until recently… Because I hid it from him and never told him, I am going through hell. He is putting me through hell… That is my consequence… I know that every day I have to know that I hurt him.. and that I disappointed him and let him down.. I have to prove now that I am a different person.. even after waiting over a year for him to break up with his girlfriend.. that is a different story.. I flirted with other guys at the beginning but I stopped because I knew I wanted him.. Anyways, I have to deal with my consequences now. I deserve the pain, I deserve the anguish. I deserve being sick because of this. I deserve everything that is the opposite of happiness… I deserve it all..

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