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I had a very nice boyfriend

I had a very nice boyfriend, we were together for a year and we have quite much fun together. I thought we were both happy, but it turned out he wasn’t. It was long distance. A very long distance, he lives in another country, 2000 kms from me and comes home for 2 months every year. I met him in a summer camp and we had some really nice conversations. I’m not usually open for other people but we could literally talk about anything. When he went back to the place where he lives, we continued chatting on Fb, and we ended up chatting for hours every evening. This made me quite happy, but I didn’t really thought he likes me as a woman, not only as a friend. Once we were talking about some random stuff that happened to us that day and he told me that he saw a cute girl and he wanted to get to know her. Then after a short time he admitted, that he likes me too, but I’m too far away. We went back to our normal friendship things but every now and then he admitted he loved me and wanted to be with me. I found him witty, handsome and good company and after a while I felt jealous for all the girls around him. But I told him to date other girls because he shouldn’t miss something good because of me. He said he doesn’t want to miss the good things I make in his life and I realised I loved him back. We agreed to see each other as a couple next time and after some tough times, suffering from being apart, we ended up being together. When he visited me for the first time I was very excited and it turned a bit adventurous way, but when I could finally see him and he gave me a small kiss on my lips, I felt on top of the world and my knees were quite shaky. We spent a beautiful sumner together, fell in love with each other very much and we had great fun. We went on a holiday, hiking, to the cinema, etc. I really felt like he was my other half and that we are a great match. When he finally had to return home, we were a bit sad, but I was still loaded with the pictures of our wonderful time and I thought he was too. But it turned out, I messed it up. He felt like I loved him so much, and I was willing to do so much for him that he wouldn’t be able to love me back that much and feel the same way I did. He didn’t like talking to me anymore, and wasn’t interested in my things, and our relationship mainly contained talking, as we were apart. I didn’t want to lose him because I loved him a lot and he was also my best friend. So I convinced him to think about things before he breaks up with me and I tried to remind him of our time together. Bit it didn’t work. I didn’t want to force myself on him because I care about him, but I really spoiled everything. I feel worthless now. He told me to take a break and to leave him alone for a bit, but I know he’s not going to return to me.

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