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A fearless soldier of the United States Army!

When I was a junior in high school, I decided hey. Let’s join the military. So I walked into the recruiters office… For the air force… Yeah, I know… *lowers voice in a mocking tone* “what an idiot!” So I start talking and asking questions and the first thing they tell me is they’re not supposed to be talking to me, but since I had my mother there, he answered any questions I had. We were there formative 30 minutes. I gave him my number and email. I contacted this recruiter multiple times and I never got an answer. So I decided that they did not want me because I was too good for the Air Force. So during school, a bunch of recruiters from the navy, army, national guard, and marines showed up to my school during lunch (Whadda ya know… No Air Force). So I started talking to an army recruiter. He told me details and answered every question I had. Some questions were ones I thought he couldn’t answer, but he still did! He asked me what I wanted to do in life. I told him I wanted to be a pro parkour and free running athlete. He said he couldn’t do that and then I told him that I also like to record videos. He said okay. That I can do. So I take a test called the asvab. I finish it and get a score… Unfortunately some jobs (MOS’s) require a high enough score to be able to have. I did not score high enough for this job I wanted so I went with the second best. 92R Parachute Rigger. I enlisted and shipped to basic training. Before I shipped, I thought to myself, “what do people see in a soldier?” They see them as fearless I decided. Fearless does not exclude heights. Why would someone call a soldier fearless if they in fact do have a fear? So I decided, “hey! A soldier needs to be fearless. And I’m going tide fend this country fearlessly, then I need to be fearless.” As I signed up this job, I realized it came with airborne school. I came to the sudden realization that I was in fact not myself anymore, but actually mentally insane. I, myself, as of right now (19 Nov 2015 22:10) have a fear of heights. I jump out of an airplane, tomorrow, at 1,200 ft. After that first jump. I will be one step closer to being fearless. After graduation of airborne school. I can then be called, a soldier. A true soldier. A fearless soldier of the United States Army!

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