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Today is anniversary of my relationship

Today is anniversary of my relationship, I was wrote the letter for him. We are kind of long distance but not really. He have to travel to tournament a lot. But it don’t matter, anyways. All I get from him is he removed tags of my post. Have no more words to say to me. And then he said ” I’ll end after I play golf” I know I’m just trying to buy more time to be with him more. Let see my letter.

Anniversary 4 months that we have be together even not everyday as we want but every moments we spend together it so great. I can be myself and be weird with you. You make me smile without the reason when I look at you. I love when we cuddle in bed at night. I love to feel your body shake it make me know you still laying next to me. Thank you for your love, kindness, be patient that everything we been through. And the next couple months I know it’s gonna get a little kind of difficult for us to communicate at times because you gonna going back home again and I’m just die at home waiting to training, but it’s alright. I have to be patient with the distance and time difference. I don’t mind waiting for your free time because I understand what your work entails and many things in your day . I totally appreciate to see our pictures (was) on profile, the short conversations and small talks we have every time that we get the chance. It’s those little things that make me happy. You don’t need to be always right by my side to put a smile on my face because the little things you do are enough.

People may think I am a hypocrite in saying that being chosen second to work is fine with me, but it really is. I know you’re trying your best to save up for whatever the future will hold (hopefully for us), and I totally understand. I’m not usually a patient person and am surprised that I can stand waiting for your name to pop up on Line! Messenger so we could chat. My friends used to say that I am a kind of person who is afraid of commitment, that is a fact. Well, I used to, anyway. But as of now, I find myself doing things I said I will never do – like fall for a person who lives miles away from me. I was as surprised as they were when these things started becoming “ok” to me. I never expected this at all.

I’ve talked it over so many times to myself, that we should trust each other. However, there are times wherein I just can’t help myself from being a little jealous of the people around you (because I can’t be with you as I want). But even when my mind seems to play tricks on me the whole time we have started being together, I block them out and listen to what my heart says. And it says, go for it . But lastly everything I say it can not work without your support and love.

Happy anniversary 4 months “ I love you more today than yesterday and I’ll love you more tomorrow than today”

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