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Anasuya ‘an woman who lacks desires’, …

Anasuya ‘an woman who lacks desires’, my twin flame calls me in this name, it perfectly goes with my character.
I have been bestowed with the Karmic course of meeting the best version of my life: my other half, my angel, my beloved, the true ‘Prince Charming’, the higher self of me and a beautiful clean mirror of my soul.
We are born on the same day, same month, same year, just two hours apart in the day time and we live in the same city. We have just celebrated our 19th birthday together in the ending of the month of October.

I want the reader to make it clear that I would become less descriptive and behave as specific and informative. I am here to share a bit of my experience not my whole story as I have a task to do after this and right on time I would start that leaving this website.
I had become a procrastinator, lazy, couch potato woman with thousands of pimples on my face and body acne. I was stressed overwhelmed and defeated in the biggest battles of my life.

This was not for always, I had a past life with fresh air, green fields and an opportunity to stand quietly and gaze at the horizon. I had climbed trees many times and one small tree was my favorite, I loved to lay on one of its branch and relax for hours. I was close to my elder sister who always complained about my bad habits to my parents and as an assistant she wrote the poems which were made by me randomly when we would play.
I was someone who could stare at the big chameleons’ eyes, I had love for reptiles.
I had a street dog who had obeyed my orders sincerely even when she was suffering from hardest disease in her life.

I had a friend (a bf with unconditional love for me, his nickname is Bony) with whom I could share almost anything and who was always interested to hear me. In the afternoon time after returning from school it was as if a necessity to me to go to his home and eat together. His giggling is still lucid to my years. My twin soul has the same giggling. After lunch I cuddled with him in bed. He had a mosquito net in his bed where we could entangle together and watch funny movies. We and his nanny had endless gossips on silly things around us.
At the night time my father would take me to the pool to relax, my trainer used to teach me swimming. Evening was blocked with unhealthy attempts to learn table tennis. Those Sundays were booked for tennis and school recess time was for badminton, I was never serious with these games of racket, and tried to escape from them each day.
One day my Dad said me on that time that it is THE GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE, I have to be disciplined and train myself for physical fitness.
These racket games took me miles away from grammar lessons which was just after these tiring classes and I was a looser in both of these classes. My bf Bony was talented in these things so I became jealous of his popularity, of his strength and of his ability to surpass me. Ego crept in my mind and took all love away I started avoiding him, I started hurting him deeply, I said him bitter words when he tried to solve the issue. I also left those classes and acted to concentrate in my grammar books to improve my performance, but my mind could never focus as I was giving pain to myself by hurting someone so good from heart and ignoring to give extra push to build me. I told my Dad to change my school saying that my friendship with him is destroying my life.
OMG, Readers now its time for me to leave I would tell the other parts some other day with same heading, may be tomorrow.
What this Karmic course taught me:
We need to give an extra effort to achieve something.
If you hurt someone intentionally you would be hurt.

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