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I want people to realize how good their life’s are

I want people to realize how good their life’s are when they are in doubt. This is a story about me failing as a father and as a husband. I am 25 years old  I have 3 daughters, they are so amazing it’s hard to believe God gave me them. I’ve always had terrible luck. By that I mean my cars breakdown, my jobs lay me off, I get sick easy, I mean I just have never caught a break. I’m the soul provider in our household. Just recently I was behind on rent and utilities, I did everything possible to pay my landlord, my heat is now disconnected, it’s freezing cold and it’s a few weeks until Christmas. I spent the last year walking to work, I am not a drug addict I’m not an alcoholic, heck I’m actually a nice guy and I really care about people, even people that I don’t know personally. I love my kids and wife so much that I’m not gonna waste the space trying to explain it because it can’t be put in words. I try to do good in life and help anyone I can. I catch myself almost every night asking if there really is a God, I know there is that’s why I have 3 beautiful healthy children, but why haven’t I had any signs or significant changes to my life. Why every month am I on the verge of homeless. I wasn’t given a good education I can only make so much money. My daughters cried today when we had to sell our tv. I have never felt pain like that. I wonder if this is just my life and I need to get use to being a failure or if maybe just maybe one day I’ll catch a break. Maybe get a great job offer or hit the lottery. See when you live like I do that’s all you have to hope for. I have enough eviction notices to wallpaper my bedroom. I live in the cheapest place in the city and it’s not a nice place to be. I don’t know what else to really say I just really hope people read this and realize how fortunate they are and know that some people struggle to survive struggle to eat and worst of all struggle to provide for their family’s and there is NO worst feeling that. I understand this post may not make alot of sence people it may seem like whining or excuses, what I really want is for people to cherish everything they got. Please pray for me. Thank you


  1. Never give up, I am praying for you and your family. I grew up in a family with a similar situation. We struggled continuously. I love my parents deeply, and I know they tired their hardest and did their best. Unfortunately I lost my father recently to his own demons. He was tired of feeling like a failure, and gave up. He was on the brink of homelessness and couldn’t catch a break. I loved my dad unconditionally even in those times.
    In the end, your loved ones are all you have, and no matter where you are at in life the love is there.
    Good luck with everything

  2. I’ve said a prayer for you. I feel your pain, I’ve been struggling with poverty two (3 young children as well).

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