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He needed a coat !In his teens he use…

He needed a coat!
In his teens he used to have an army backpack for camping with some friends or alone. He loved adventure, backpacking was his most favorite pleasure.
Travelling, he always was travelling in day dreaming, He always was backpacking around the world in day dream. Then years later he started living in different cities in Brazil, He even tracked inside the rainforest, he saw the deforestation in gold miners, and once he took a four meter rubber boat in a rainforest river for some days. Adventure might have been the first word he Pronounced when he was a baby.
In February 1980, One of his dream had become true, He went to the United States, and Lived in Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, He would say it was the best time in his life, he felt freedom , he was alone, he was really happy, then he Came back to Brazil and met a beautiful blond girl and at the first meeting they decided to go to U.S, he had a tourist visa but she didn’t, so they decided to reach the United States by crossing the Border, but it didn’t work well, after spending some months travelling ,they gave up in Bogotá , Colombia and they returned to Brazil.
Few years later (1985) they had a baby boy , they settled a school business for a living until 1992, when they moved to U.S with their son 9 and her daughter 12.
They moved to Worcester, Mass. He was really happy, all he wanted was to raise his children in a different culture like American culture, and he really wanted his children could speak English, he worked as an English Teacher in Brazil, So working as a dishwasher didn’t bother him at all, he was proud, his children were living and studying in U.S, his wife was working as well, so they spent the whole day apart. He notice that some Brazilians couldn’t speak English and they got some problems to find a job, then he decided to teach English for free, the classes were in the evenings, he bought a white board and markers and invited them to learn how to speak English totally free.
In the winter, perhaps in the month of October 1993, his dream of living in the U.S with his family was destroyed, it doesn’t matter now, who destroyed it.
The couple had broken up and few months later he gained his son’s physical custody.
He was in New York with his son trying to buy flight tickets to go back to Brazil when the phone rang, and the saddest and the worst period of his life had just begun , it was his ex – wife calling to propose to live together again, he believed that she had regretted from the things she had done, so, he decided to go back to Worcester, it would take three hours by train to get back to Worcester ,he was feeling happy. he will have another chance to live with his family in US, so the next morning, they hurried to the train station. Happy, happy, happy !
He didn’t have enough money to buy the tickets , he was broken, he had been stolen, so he only got less than ten bucks, he bought two train tickets to the nearest town, and from that town on, they hid themselves inside the restroom train, while the ticket collector was passing by, so they got back home this way, hidden inside a train restroom.
After few hours they got to Worcester, the streets were full of snow, houses covered with white, it was not beautiful, it was a sad scene, scene of dying, bitter cold, gray sky, only few cars pacing to avoid crashing, sad atmosphere, six degrees below zero, but there were flames in his heart, beating faster and faster, he was walking back home holding his son`s hand, he was happy, he finally would see his wife, they hadn’t seen each other for a long period, and he was missing her, he was missing her smile, and beautiful eyes, then he looked at his son kissed him and kept walking, he felt happiness, happiness on that moment.
Great ! they got home, but at the porch of the house, his son said – Daddy, if there is police indoors I warn you !! the little boy ran inside the house and shouted – * Daddy, Cops run * !! There were cops hidden inside the house, The cops thought he had kidnapped his son, he didn’t kidnapped him, he had his physical custody given by the Worcester ( female) Judge. Thanks to his son, the cops didn’t catch him. he ran away as fast as he could, from that house, finally he found a waste bin full of iron and aluminum pieces and he jumped inside it. he doesn`t remember how long he spent there, he remembers that it was cold and dark, and he was scared, hungry, and worry about his son, and he didn‘t want to go to jail. he opened a little bit the top of the bin, just to look outside, and he could see the red lights of the police cars.
It was really cold, he was wearing only a black T shirt and jeans, so when it got a little later, and no cops around, he decided to get out from the bin and go home, maybe his son was there waiting for him, and they could go back to New york and he could even get a coat, but when he got home, he noticed, the door was opened, he entered the house, there were nobody inside, he was sad, they took his son away from him , then suddenly he saw a lot of cops running into the house, they wanted to catch him , he had no choice, he jumped through a narrow window onto a sidewalk covered with snow, stood up and ran, – yeah, he thought – I was faster than the U.S cops, ! he ran up to a hill covered with snow but he noticed that he was wearing a black T shirt, it would be easier for them to find him, a black spot in a white sheet, – No way! he thought , then he decided to go down the hill and walked as far as he could . It was cold, and it was getting darker, he was frightened, there were cops looking for him , it never had happened such thing in his whole life .he was really scared, he also was hungry, but he didn’t have even a coin , he wanted to eat something, he was tired, starving, and it was freezing, so, he kept walking, asking to himself, – Do I deserve that ?
He was also wondering about his son, Did the cops take him,? was he in a safe place ?, where was he ? if his mother was working, who was looking after him, his son used to have his own bedroom, his own bed, was he sleeping ?, he was worry, who would tell a tale to his son before sleep. ? was his son awake waiting for his tale ?
he kept walking, whenever he saw a police car, he hid himself somewhere. he was getting tired, he was really sad, he was away from his son, no home to stay, no family, no food, no raincoat, he was starving in a freezing temperature.

There was only a way out, he had to beg for food, then he decided to beg in the first gas station he had seen in that evening.
He started begging. he learned that begging is humiliating, he begged for food, whoever came for gas he asked for coins, it was not easy, nobody even looked at him, some people were cursing and criticizing him, they thought he was begging for weed, but he was starving he was begging for food, he wanted to eat , so, after some hours at the gas station, at least he got few coins , not enough for food, so he decided to use the coins to call his students, maybe they would help him, yeah he decided to call those Brazilians that couldn’t pay private English teachers, – yeah, they will bring me a coat ! , he thought. So he phoned his students and he explained his sticky situation, and asked for a coat and he hoped someone would invite him to sleep on a carpet in a warm living room, maybe he would have a hot meal, with a nice talk. he was really hungry, and it was freezing , the first student and friend called Lázaro, answered that he was in a hurry, he was going to work, and he didn’t have a spare coat, the second student answered, that he had moved far away from that town. the next ( called Mineirinho) told him, he was waiting for a phone call. So, he tried some more students, nobody could help him, he wanted only a coat, nothing else, just a coat, a coat would pay for those English class, only a coat to spend the freezing night in Worcester, but unfortunately nobody could help him, nobody could bring him a coat, he started crying, he felt lonely, so the guy from the gas station approached him and asked what happened and he explained that he needed a coat to spend the night walking on the streets, so the guy gave him a used coat and told him to walk away from there, he was disturbing the clients, He said: Stop begging for coins here. ! ,so he got a coat, it was too dirty but it was his best coat in his life.
Yeah !!, he got a coat, but he was still starving, homeless, and lonely. No food, no home, no friends, no son. He spent the whole night walking on the freezing temperature of Worcester. The previous morning was the last day he saw his son, in winter of 1993.

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