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I am a thirty one year old registered nurse

Hi my name is Dorothy Daniels, I am a thirty one year old registered nurse. I have been faithfully taking care of both my parents since I was eighteen. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer my father, my fiancee and me have been at the hospital with her for the last two months. This year has been extremely difficult besides my mother being diagnosed with stomach cancer my fiancee and me lost our baby in July and we just recently found out that we’re expecting another baby who will make his or her debut in July. Then on top of all of that my Grandmother my mother’s mother all of a certain passed away. It was really hard because my mother and father didn’t even get a chance to go to her funeral because she was in the hospital. Things also is really tight around our home because I’m the only person working and my daddy get his social security and my mother gets nothing. And I’ve been working tiredlessly trying to get them a home because the house they live in is uninhabitable or in other words its not suitable for someone in their condition to live in. So I’m hoping and praying that I can get them a home and next year for the holidays it will be better.

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