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Love is not what others feel about you

This is the first and most important article I will write to you. Feel free to read as I am writing. In this world, nothing is what it looks like. Everything but really everything is in your mind.

Alright I understand not everyone will understand or agree with me, but please let me explain. A lot of us know the story of the elephant tied with small rope. Our life I exactly like that. During our childhood, out mind was programmed with the world view we have today. In be honest with yourself. Everybody has a different world view. Even if there is a small detail that is not the same, the two views are different. We all act and live by our own view of the world. This dictates our lives. Most cannot understand this.

Every morning that we get out of bed, we have a feeling of what the day will be like and how people, with who we will interact that day, will behave to us. This is our expectation of the day. All these feelings and expectations have come from previous experiences. Well, there was a moment when we got our first experience related to whatever aspect of our live. That first experience happened when someone said or did something to us, whether positive or negative. From that moment on we had some expectation of how future scenarios would play out. With the so called ‘snowball effect’ we had expectation of event that would happen in our future. This expectation is what shapes our behavior. The previous sentence is very important. While different persons arriving at the same location or event, but with different expectations, they both will already have an positive or negative attitude to what is coming.

Imagine that there is a nice gala party and a positive minded person arrives happy and with a smile. The hostess might be infected with the positive attitude and give the guest a really nice table with the best view. While when a person arrives with the expectation that he or she always gets the worst table in a faraway corner, the negative and pessimistic energy will be carried over to the hostess and she might think that you are not worth the trouble. The result is you get the worst table location. Inside the party the energy and expectations just carry on and might even increase to the initial positive or negative side.
When one acts with the feeling of love everything in our actions will change towards other people. The others will be influenced by your love and enthusiasm. Also due to your positive expectation of them, the outcome of the interaction will most likely be of a positive nature. If the oppsitive appears to be true during contact with others, most likely the badly behaving person will be influenced by your kindness and will act differently the next time. And so the love and solidarity will increase. It will change others, but more important to yourself, your own life will flourish. We are social beings. When interaction, love and sharing are present we are feeling fulfilled and happy.

II would like to conclude my first touch with you with a nice quote from Swavin Joysury:

“Love is not what others feel about you… its what feeling you share with others.”

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