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Force a girl to get married!

Why do parents and relatives so called ‘ELDERS’ of our family force a girl to get married to a person that they like and the opinion of the girl doesn’t even matter.
She is thought of as a gift doll of a shop, if anyone likes the doll then they can have it. It doesn’t even matter what the girl wants…
Why? i mean literally why the fuck???

Has she committed a crime by taking birth? if it is so… than i wish that my both the sisters would have never been born.
Yes that would have been a relief for both my parents and the so called ‘ELDERS’ of my family.

And if the girl says no, that she doesn’t want to marry that guy her ‘ELDERS’showed her, it means that she is disrespecting her parents and elders.

Everyone forces her and keep on forcing until either she breaks down and says ‘YES’ or they don’t give a fuck about what she wants and what she thinks.

Imagine that, the people who taught her everything, the people who raised her, the people on whose dress she did pee when she was little, turned against her just because she told them that the boy these ‘PEOPLE’
liked and showed her,she didn’t liked him and said her point of you in front of them.
That’s it!
That’s the reason, that’s the whole fucking story, if your parents and so called ‘ELDERS’ fixed a boy for you then that’s it, you are not supposed to even speak for yourself, no hell no you cannot speak and tell them what you think…

A huge round of applause of these people that exist in every family and every caste of India and all around the world…!!!

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