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I saw Santa!

Sitting here in my room listening to Dan and Julie (brother-in-law and sister) sneaking around checking to see if Jackson is sleeping yet, and Jackson narrowly being caught a couple times while he himself was sneaking a peek, reminded me of something that I have been meaning to share for 10 years now. Feel free to share this with whomever you like. Maybe it will make someone smile.

I remember laying in bed as a child and telling myself “this year I’m going to stay awake and catch Santa” and every year I would always fall right to sleep, except for one year… I snuck out of my bed and crawled to the door. You know, because you have to crawl as a kid when trying to be sneaky. I got to the door and peeked out towards the stairs that went to the living room. I waited there for what seemed like forever, holding my breath so nobody could hear me and I could hear everything better. I am pretty sure I almost passed out while doing that, at the very least I was dizzy from not breathing. Once I could see more than stars I continued to crawl towards the stairs so I could watch the entryway and the bottom of the Christmas tree. My heart was pounding, and I thought for sure I was going to get caught, and that meant I would lose Christmas for sure.

I laid there and tried to remain calm so I could listen for any sign of Santa. I heard my dad burp a frightening loud burp, or he could have farted, I wasn’t sure because both were always scary to me and funny because I couldn’t help but start to giggle.

All of a sudden I heard a strange sound, I wasn’t sure but it sounded like bells or at least that is what I thought. I looked at that spot in the entry and holy moly there he was, it was Santa Claus! I am not even kidding I was staring at Santa standing in that doorway with his back to me, but it was him! I was so excited, but so scared that I almost peed my pants. If he saw me I was going to lose Christmas. I backed up crawling as fast as I could, jumped in bed and pulled the covers over my head… I could not believe I saw Santa Claus. Nobody would ever believe me and I didn’t care, because at least I knew he was real. I am pretty sure that I believed that Santa Claus was real all the way into high school. Laugh if you must, but I knew he was real.

I haven’t ever told this story before, except to one person, and quite honestly, I had long forgotten about it. The person I told the story to was my mom. It was one of the last talks we had before she died. We were talking about Christmas and how I had an awesome window to paint. And couldn’t wait to see her when she came to visit. Anyway, when I told her that story, I could hear her start to cry, and when I asked why, she said that it was her that dressed up like Santa that night, and she didn’t know if any of us kids had seen her do it. She said not one kid ever mentioned it until that moment. She said that hearing me tell her made her happy knowing that for many years to come, I had believed in Santa Claus.

I love and miss you mom, thank you for giving me Santa for all of those years.  Shhh… don’t tell anyone,  but I still believe!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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