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I’ve fallen in love

So there’s this guy named Z, we’ve been a classmate for about a semester now. We didn’t really talk to each other, basically all we did were making eye contact accidentally and laughing at each other in unison. Weird, I know. Then all of a sudden here I am, texting him late at night, discussing which place we should go on our second date tomorrow. We get along really well since we both are really open about our family and stuff, I guess. And our first date at the mall was…unforgettable. I was late for half an hour but then Z was late for 2 hrs straight lol, I was losing my patience but then when he finally made it I was really happy and we ended up talking to each other in a coffee shop for three hours. He smoked a whole pack of Marlboro lights and I was eating my plate of potato wedges but here’s the thing, I never fall in love so hard before.

The midterm break is almost done and I’ll be back to school by Jan 4 .. I’m anxious yet giddy for it, having the guy you’re infatuated with in the same freshman year, just for another six damn months, it really gets me worried because I know things may not be very smooth for both of us, regardless of that, I’m just really happy. I’m really happy that I can’t sleep and start to google “site to share my life story” because reality is finally better than my Ryan gosling dreams 😉

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