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I am very young, but also quite gifted

I am very young, but also quite gifted in the art of writing. I want to publish a book, but everyone around me says a child cannot publish a book. I have told them of my achievements. I have a college reading level and I’m only in middle school. I feel like I can do it, but everyone around me tells me that I’m far too young. I just want to write, but they keep putting me down. I don’t know who to turn to. When I say I’m writing, they see a twelve year old girl. They think I want to write romance. Another vicious steryotype. It really hurts, not having anyone believe in me. Please, believe in a twelve year old?…

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  1. i think you can do it and when the opportunity comes you just have to push yourself into it. of course most of people won’t pay much attention for people at your age but when you can show your masterpiece and someone sees your effort i think it’s gonna be great, if not ,you will just have to wait until you’re a bit older till you can find a job, thats the day you don’t have to listen to anyone cause when you’re older thats the day you’re on your own and you have to take care of yourself. I believe everyone around you might think that you need more life experiences to write but now you’re 12 i do believe that you have some of experience to write something 🙂 it’s just about the readers you might have to do some research for what readers like and what suits you. you can try online writing though if you don’t have the opportunity to publish yet.
    but good luck, keep writing , improve till the day comes

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