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My story is a true story

I am a USMC veteran with disabilities. 3 years ago my wife an I separated, I became homeless. I went from gateway to Holt street to the voa on the va ground. When I found a home a brother came from Phoenix Arizona Ronald Brown to talk about him moving in with me. I wanted to help. Little did I know that he would begin illegally monitoring stalking harassing stalking doing mind control electronic shocks hearing subtle voices torturing me 24/7. Then he got another brother Dwayne an his wife Johnny involved. Gang stalking 1/16/2016 this evil illegal crime has become worse. Stay with me. Piercing painful shocks in my chest head, eyes, feet, hands and both parts of my private areas non stop. I began to smell mothballs Insens and Mariwanna. I became very uncomfortable with this. An this is the conformation, one day after he came to the house from work at Procter and gamble I confronted him asking why does he do this evil to me, he replied, why would I do this to someone who is helping me? I said ask yourself that question. The very next day after work Ronald came to me in the kitchen and said, what if it stops? I gave him no answer. A week later I was n my bedroom, about 9:37 pm I experienced a very painful stab like shock in my heart. I called the police. A young cop arrived I was outside waiting, we talked I told him my concern. The first thing he said was we cannot do anything about Marianna he went to Ronalds room talked to him came back outside an said “you are a veteran who was in Beirut during the bombing right. PTSDĀ gets worse when you get older I’m 57 years old and know this was not the case. I even went to the sheriff’s department 3rd district stated my case my case was not on file. The sergeant told me I would have to die. In closing illegal monitoring stalking harassment mind control electronic shocks hearing subtle voices stalking is a crime in Ohio. I’ve done a lot of research I’m concerned about other veterans who suffer from disabilities, senior citizens women teens and children who suffer from this evil an don’t know. My brother moved out but not completely he left all his stuff. However last week he removed all an is now living with the other perp. I am a half brother. Now every thought I have when I read or write Dwayne Brown half brother is speaking my every move. If there is anyone else in the Montgomery county going through this evil, write every thing on paper everything . I’m now writing a book based on a true story called. The demon squad. Don’t let folks deem you as crazy. This digital age is also evil, but God will recompense every man according to his deeds.

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