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I was bullied for a several years

I was bullied for a several years in elementary school. When I was in 3rd grade, I was the tallest out of everyone. Due to my height, I also weighed more. The other kids thought that was so strange. They made fun of it. “Wow! You’re the only one who weighs 80 pounds! That’s so much!” This progressed into 4th grade, where one kid found out my weight. He made fun of me constantly. He called me “fatty” and just plain “fat” in general. I was never fat. I was actually pretty skinny, just taller than everyone else. This made me feel awful. He would follow me home after school, kicking my lunch sack. One day he even shoved me to the ground, breaking a clay sculpture I had made for my mother. We moved that summer and everything seemed to be fine. The year of seventh grade, everything changed. I felt fat. All the other girls were sticks, but I was fat. I stopped eating, excessivley working out. I felt awful. I ruined the lives of my family, because of the way I felt. I lost 50 pounds in 6 months. I weighed 90 lbs. (A healthy weight for my height was 125). I was ugly. I was admitted into a hospital for an eating disorder. I stayed there for two weeks, I felt alone. I couldn’t do anything anymore. I was released, but the world just seemed dark. I was alone. They put me on pills for depression and anxiety. Everything was better. Today, however, I feel like my mom mentally abuses me. She calls me a “freak” and “crazy” this makes me cry for hours. She always picks on me for no reason, like calling me a “pig” out of the blue. My sister now harasses me by saying “At least I eat, freak.” I wish I would die, but not really die, just go away. I try to make people happy, but they always seem to get mad at me for some reason or another. I just feel alone. I didn’t make the cheer team like all my friends. I can’t do anything. I feel ugly. I just need to share this.

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