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To the guy who broke up with me this way…

To the guy who broke up with me this way: you first told our friends that we ALREADY broke up BEFORE I EVEN KNEW. Like you alone decided on this break up u did not even tell me?! Ugh I looked stupid pretending that we’re okay while you tell everyone we broke up you stupid as*h*le. And you got a b*tch right away like 1,2,3. Wow. Wtf I hope you’re happy now. Because with your 1 1/2 inch d*ck and 2 useless 75% hair+20% skin+5% actual balls, not my fucking loss d*mbsh*t. Let your b*tch suck that tiny piece o’ skin of yours ha! YOU DONT DARE CALL THAT A D*CK YOU MOTHAFVCKN AS*H*LE get lost!

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