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I lost my virginity to my mum

Hi. I am Sam. I’m not gonna take my real name. I had sex with my mom. I’m sharing my story because I want to know how people take it. I had sex with my mom. My father left us when I was 8. My mom and I live together. I had attraction for my mom. But i couldn’t show my love for my mom. I wanted to have sex with my mom because her boobs was big and I wanted to squeeze it. One day when my mom came from work I was watching TV. I saw mom was crying. When I ask mom she said she is ok. She usually takes 1 sleeping pill for sleep because she had fever. But that day she took 3 pills and fall asleep. I sleep with with her because we have 1 bedroom. So I was watching tv long 1am. Then when I was going to sleep my hand go through her head and hurt. I said sorry mom but she didn’t reply. Then I turn on the light on and saw she was sleeping. Then I thought it felt very hurt but how she didn’t feel anything. So I pushed her and said mom, mom. She didn’t reply. Then my mind went dirty. I thought I can fuck her now. She cant feel it. So I double check her by pushing her hardly. Then I slowly remove her clothes. That was the first time i saw her boobs. Then I remove her panties and saw her pussy. I couldn’t resist to lick it.. Then I slowly lick her pussy. My dick was trying to get into her pussy. Then i slowly pushed my dick into her pussy and lick her boobs. That was the first time I had sex with someone and it was my mom. That night I fucked her twice.. Next morning I was afraid she would angry at me but I’m sure she didnt realise it..

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  1. When ever it sounds like my mom is masturbating or having sex I try to watch. I really like when she masturbate on the couch with her glass dildo. I love the view I get watching her slowly slide it in and out of her vagina.

  2. I started touching my moms body when I was 13 didn’t have sex with her but it something and she knew and let me

  3. I wish I could have sex with my mom. When ever I can I try to see her naked. Some times she will masturbate in the living room I accidentally caught her doing it once now if I think I hear her I go check and if she is I watch and try to time it so we cum at the same time.

  4. You didn’t merely lose your virginity, dude… you raped your mom. That is sick. Three sleeping pills is too many, and if she was passed out like that you should’ve possibly called a doctor for advice on how to make sure she doesn’t overdose. If she’d have died from that, you could’ve added necrophilia to your list of incest and rape and walked away as a criminal orphan. What you did is inexcusable, especially since you did it twice. You should tell your mom that she was passed out and should start taking less sleeping pills (no more than one; try going without taking any at all). As to what you did, you should re-think your ethical standards, and never abuse a situation like that again. When you’re horny, just beat one off; it’s not rocket science.

  5. Dude you raped your mom, you are a predator and should have your shit pushed in with a fence post. Nasty POS nothing consenting about this.

  6. My giant was inserted in everyone’s moms pussy in this page she chocked on my long john till she died the end

  7. I’m 23, and I’ve been having sex with my mum since my father left her for a younger woman. I was 14 at the time. Mum came to my bed, saying she was cold. Before long I had a massive erection with her pressing herself against me. Then mum straddled me, and we had wondwerful sex.

  8. When I was 21, I raped my widowed mum on the sofa. At first, she tried to push me off her, but after a few minutes she began fucking with me. I’ve slept in her bed ever since.

  9. I really want sex with my mum but I don’t know how she feels but sometimes she touches my dick should I ask her

  10. You’re a sick fuck.!! You just rapped your mum that’s disgusting, you should have called you best friend to do it while you watch and masturbate but never fuck her….

  11. Kui mina hakkasin armeese minema,siis tegime lõpupeo ja olime joomased.Keskööl jätsin emaga õues hüvasti ja suudlesime ja siis võttis ema minu käest kinni ning viis mind õuekööki.Ema ajas seal kohe omal püksid maha ja kargas minu munnist kinni ning lükkas mind põrandale seliti ja istus mulle munni otsa nikkuma.Emal oli kahju minust,et ära lähen.
    Translation: When I started to go to the army, we made the final part and we were drinking. In the middle school, I left farewell to my mother in the yard and kissed, and then the mother took hold of me and took me to the yard. She immediately pulled off her trousers and pulled out of my bed and pushed me to the floor and sat down at me. I felt sorry for me to go away.

  12. Nice, You got the nice PUM PUM!

    When I was 15 I slipped 2 sleeping pills into my 10 year old little brothers drinK and then raped him 3 timed, I told him if he told anyone I would do it again! HE NEVER TOLD ANYONE ?

  13. You raped your mom? You’re a sick fuck and I hope one day she finds out and you go to jail fir the rest of your miserable pathetic life

  14. My mom was passed out drunk when I fucked her. She still moaned as I was doing her, and I shot a big load into her pussy. I thought she’s say something the next morning, but she never did.

  15. You guys have no shame how can you make love to your own parent ??? there’s something wrong in your heads you seriously need professional assistance. No human live could ffuck a parent its disgusting and irrespective!

  16. Everyone thinks it’s a lie yet happens.
    I raped my mom when she was drunk. She was into it after initial “resistance”. All women want to fuck their sons. They just pretend not to for social norms.
    After “raping” her she pretended it didn’t happen. A week later I just walked in after she got out of shower and grabbed her threw her down on bed and ate her pussy.
    Zero resistance, she begged for more. Then I banged her for 3 days straight off and on. Never once talked about it. I even banged her sister and mother during holidays. Following year I told them all to get naked, they each thought they were the only one I slept with. Lol. After initial shock they complied and even got into female on female oral. That was 17 years ago and I still fuck them daily except my granny as she passed. Did get my sister in on it and her 3 daughters. So yeah it hapoens


  18. I always had an attraction for my mom. When I was 3 her and dad were making my sister. I could smell the sex and here the pleasurable groaning. I took a peak and dad bitch slapped me to the fucking floor! Never did like that motherfucker after that. She would have lots of boyfriends and i was always dragged around with her. One day we were both on a bed and i asked if she wanted to do it and she said yes! But I had all these stupid morals in my head and I didn’t go through with it. I regret it. One day I found a nude photo of her and since that time I get hard thinking about it. She is gone now and that makes me think of her in a sexual way more. Wish I would of did it back then.

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