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I normally wouldn’t post something like this

I normally wouldn’t post something like this but it’s anonymous so what the hell. A year ago I was raped. I could have avoided it but it was my stupid decisions and lack of judgement that got me into that situation. I had just finally gotten over a five year battle with depression and i was finally happy again. This cute navy guy asked me out while i was at work. I thought i could use a fun night out. He said we would go to a movie and dinner. I guess we had two different ideas of what dinner and a movie was. His actual plan was room service while we watch what ever lame movie we could find on tv. By the time I realized what was happening it was too late. I couldn’t get out of it. If i knew that he lived 7 hours away and was going back home the next day I would have never gone out with him. After that I shut down. The thing that shocked me the most was what my best friend said when she found out “why is this guy any different its not like you just lost your virginity. You have had sex with many guys you don’t know.” maybe her statement was true but when i had I was depressed. The difference was that i am now trying to respect myself. This may have happened a year ago but i still cry about it every night. There is no such thing as being to cautious that is what i have learned.

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