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I am a young college student (18)

I am a young college student (18) with two wonderful older sister. Both my sister want children – I don’t. The eldest sister is married and has been trying to have a baby but just had a miscarriage. The second eldest is 21 years old with dreams and hope for the future but is soon to be infertile because of a tumor in her uterus. My parent really want grandchildren and have been asking if I would ever want to carry my sister child for her. I answered yes of course but I still feel bad for her because she wanted to have her own. She needs support and I am not giving as much as she need. It breaks my heart to see her smile turn it to tears with every appointment and every time she thinks about it. She never thought that it could happen to her.
I just feel that she doesn’t deserve this. I don’t think anybody does.

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