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I am 19 and in the 3rd year of engineering

I am 19 and in the 3rd year of engineering in a women’s college. Joining engineering was the biggest mistake in my life which I regret since the day I joined this college and I will regret may be till the end of my life. Our college has all the stereotypes and hypocrites at one place. If people like them could fly my college would be an airport. There is no creativity, no scope of learning, no brain exercises, all they do is make us mug up the answers and give us shit loads of assignments and records. Sometimes all these frustrations make me so depressed that I start crying and cry a lot. And sometimes I just cry without me even knowing the reason. These 4 years of my graduation are going to be the worst times of my life and i promise myself to never take any such decisions again. There are gazillions of reasons why I hate my college so much. Right from the day I joined I always had thought of dropping out. Things that piss me off in my college:
Yes! People may think that it is a benefit, but not with this college. The worst thing about this women’s college is rules that are applicable to students but not the faculty like— dressing. No student is allowed to wear leggings to college but you will find many female faculty wearing the same. (hypocrites) Being a women’s college they judge us on our clothes which is the dirtiest and very immature thing to do for such an institution that is believed to provide good education. People doubt students all the time. Our college promises for “women empowerment” and stuff like that, but the reality is they don’t even respect women. They are just like any other stereotypes who think women are just a marriage material.
The faculty are ill experienced. They come just for their salaries. A teacher is expected to guide a student’s life. A teacher has a great impact on any students life. But the faculty here are dangerous than the terrorists. Students are the future of any country. If teachers don’t encourage them to try different things who else will? They just give us bookish knowledge. They have a very bad habit of judging students on appearance. They are biased towards some students.They only respect us if we get good grades. They think we are worthy of our lives only if we get placed in a good company after graduating. They don’t even bother to know what we want to do after graduation. If someone is not interested to work in a company it doesn’t mean that they are getting married after graduation. This is how our faculty thinks. If we don’t get placed by the end of our semesters they probably will ask us about our marriage. Every faculty that comes to our class has once or twice talked about it. They think that if a girl has no plans to get a job after graduating her only aim is marriage. NO! We have a life! We have our Dreams! Why don’t people understand that? Why do you judge us?
You don’t know anything about us.
Faculty are biased towards good students. Male faculty to our very disappointed are biased towards good looking girls and these girls as we call them “BIMBOS” do not work enough to get good grades, so all they do is flatter them with their talks and yes they succeed. We can see the difference in their grades. Biased towards rich, pretty girls, uh sorry bimbos. Biased towards same caste people (YES IT HAPPENS ONLY HERE, well I live in India and people go crazy over caste here). Ultimately what happens is all these girls get good grades we succumb to low percentages. (Even thought i don’t care about percentages, I think I made my point clear).
I think this a problem every engineering college has. We get so many assignments and records to write that when we get home we don’t have time to do anything. I’ve lost many friends coz I am always busy writing my records or assignments and have no time to hangout with them. And these works are not at all creative and useful. Assignments should be fun and there should be something to learn from everything. But all we do is copy stuff from websites write 20 to 40 pages down in a book. My brain becomes dead doing such boring and tiresome tasks.
There are many other things and every line mentioned here has a story. I’ve suffered a lot and have to suffer till I graduate because I can’t drop out because in India you have to study engineering first to do what you like. And as i am typing all this i am writing my assignments my records and preparing for an exam tomorrow! Just one more year and I am out of this shit hole. Till then just surviving! Wish me luck.

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