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I met the love of my life in an instant

After your average girl’s dose of heartbreak and bad boyfriends, I met the love of my life in an instant, when I wasn’t waiting for him. As a practical, no-nonsense person, it’s strange to try and explain the magical, overwhelming quality of the connection I had with this man within just an hour of knowing him. Without saying a thing, we both knew that we’d found something incredibly rare, and leaving this unspoken, lived a few of the best months of our lives in perfectly imperfect synchrony. I would have blissfully left my family and ambitions to move to the middle of the mountains – to die of old age in obscurity – having lived peacefully with him by my side.

Our precious time together ended – separated by religion, race, language, family, visas, he was forced to return home as Autumn set in. His strong cultural & religious background is the single factor separating us from marriage and life together today. I love him with the very depth of my soul, and although I have a healthy and practical relationship, we will always be separated “twin- flames” which aches every day of my life.

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