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You have ripped me apart

2010,2011,2012,2103,2014,2015… 2016.
7 years MAAZ . The story is 7 years old .. u have ripped me apart . i cant love nyone now..
you brutally did it.. and i moved away.. silently like the wind moves from one place to another without saying even a single world. i left everything for you.. my parents my principles my religion everything.. and what you did..? just played? and tht too very hard? left and came back? but this tym i didnt allowed you to enter in my castle you know why?
because i dont allow any motherfucking bitch to hurt me twice. you should learn that .. im not going to b with you in any world. i hate you. its not love turned hate or may be it is.. but it is very acidic for what ever the hell you want . go where ever you want but just dont cme back . i hate you thats it. and on 5 august 2015 .. when you left. you said that this is not wroking . i just dont want to think about you.. and i just want a kalashnikov to shoot in your head . suar ke bacche kutte sae harami ki aulad jhand fakeer bhn ke $%$&
wooohoo. kutte i did so much for you nd what did u did? harami .. im greatfull to my god tht i had so much sense tht i neva let u touch me.. not even a single inch of my body.. or i would b just hating muself.harami sala kutta neeech chutiya.

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