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I am 18 yr old boy

I am 18 yr old boy. I have a girlfriendĀ or I can say she is my wife. But between us the things goes wrong every single argument I don’t know the fault is. Its our 3 yrs just completed when we were together. But things are always a mess for reasonĀ of 3rd person which never even exist or my silly mind of thinking bla bla. I want to know how can I change myself I have nobody to share with. I don’t know what to do how to do.when i had a fight with her.she never understands me.neither she nor anybody ever understands me in my 18 yrs of my life. But I can’t even thought of loosing her.. She never comes to me when I’m angry every time I have to go on my knees and she always insult me. Its like that the time taking the revenge from me.. The fuck I’m just fed of me I don’t want to live anymore… But I also don’t want to hurt my parents or my love from my life. I don’t have any talent. I am also not good in any sports of in the field of studies m very poor… I don’t what kind of person i am.. Its really hurts inside me.. I am killing me inside… ??

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  1. You don’t have to blame yourself . I can see that you’re always the one who tries to make all people feel alright . What about you? Have you ever get any support from anyone? NO . Don’t you ever think about yourself as a stupid or a loser because you’re not . You said that you’re not good at anything but you’re completely wrong . I don’t know even who you are but I can see that good side of you . You’re good because you’re thinking about everyone . You’re good because you love your girlfriend truly and this thing isn’t easy at all and you know what I mean . You’re good because you’re trying your best to find the right solutions for your problems . And please try your best to see and live your life positively because your life is a gift from God to you , that’s why you should appreciate it . I’m exactly your age and I know how do you feel but you should move on and never give up ! Try to find that strong you because you cannot be always weak .

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