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Puberty changes the way you feel about yourself

Puberty changes the way you feel about yourself and other people. I thought I was ugly, fat and weird. I hated myself and thought I didn’t deserve all the things I have. So I threw them all away. All of my childhood memories. And when high school came along I loved myself so much and I had a lot of self confidence. I threw away my glasses and put in contacts. I actually put an effort in my hair and spent hours doing it. I watched many makeup videos. I loved my self. And then my friends starting getting boy friends and I felt left out. They were always busy and I started to hate myself just like I did in middle school. I then threw out all the stuff I would spend hours doing to make my self pretty. I went to school the next day with “mom pants” , sweat shirt , glasses , no makeup , hair just hardly brushed over my face. People judged me and said I looked better before. And that’s when I deleted all my contacts from my phone. I realized that there was no point in my phone because there was no point in calling , texting or youtube. So I drowned it in water until it died. I went to school but just went into the bathrooms. I got caught and suspended for a month. In that time period my home phone rang and it was a boy saying ” I miss you…I love you! Please come back!” And that’s when I discovered someone cares for me and only me. We are still together after 5 years and I will never make my self suffer ever again.

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