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I met him for years ago

I met him for years ago. We became very close friends & have a really tight mutual friend group. I began to fall for his personality because he is such a gentleman – holding doors open, putting others needs first, very selfless & caring. We’ve had so many fun memories over the last four years, and finally last summer he told me he had feelings for me. We both felt the timing wasn’t right & decided to wait to start dating. It was sweet though, a few days before we told each other how we felt, we went to a charity event. There was live music at the event, it was outdoors & during the summer one afternoon. He and I danced, and he was the first guy I ever danced with. It was perfect. Anyways, we talked often and saw each other a few times a week. He wrote me letters and gave me several “just because” bouquets of flowers over the next few weeks. He became my best friend, he was the first person I told good news to and he was also there for me during hard times. We were there for each other, and it was really hard to wait and be patient to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, I felt we were starting to act a lot like a couple which I didn’t feel good about because we had agreed it wasn’t he right time. I told him I felt we needed to put a little distance between us & continue to grow individually. I of course still had feelings for him, but I wanted to be wise about it and not rush into things. It was around this time that he met another girl – beautiful, wise, kind. Two months later, they started dating. We are still friends and I’m happy for him because he’s happy. But its hard and painful seeing them together. I’m still waiting for him. I have tried to move on but every guy I begin to find attractive I find myself comparing to him. He treated me so well and is so kind, he would never intentionally hurt me. But I have not been able to move on. If anything, my feelings for him have grown and I’m having to care about him from a distance out of respect for him and his new girlfriend. He’s often on my mind and tells me how proud he is of me. Now it’s almost 2 am, and he’s been on my heart most of the day. Eventually I will either have to move on, or we will be together if its meant to be.


  1. Hy…You know what you are a great girl too…because it,s not easy to see someone you loved so much …with somebody else and still say that you are happy for him….Remember onething …If time take away from your life somebody …whom you never wanted to go…Time can also bring in somebody to your life that you never expected…

  2. I’m not perfect in English and i will try to type the best as i can.
    Everything start with the communication.

    Do you talk with with about your feeling and tell him how you feel about that?
    I know this will hurt you, i think you need to know the reason and have explication.
    We cam make speculation and suppose so i think to go at the end will be ruff so after that you will be ready to start all the step of a ”separation”.

    I know it easy to say and not easy to do….
    Take care

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