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Have you ever been told you have cancer?

Have you ever been told before that you might have cancer? I have I was told this a week ago I keep telling people I’m not sad because if I do have cancer I’ll have to live with it and there is nothing I cans do but deep down in side I just keep thinking wow I’m only 17 and I might have cancer and I don’t know what to think I’m trying to act as though it’s now affecting me but yet when I’m alone I just cry

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  1. I was diagnosed with Cancer when i was 15, there is a life with Cancer and after cancer.
    Its definitely not easy at all. Its most likely the hardest thing on this planet going thru all that treatment. Being that sick. Losing that much of urself. But if u keep fighting even when u dont want to u still might die, the differences is when u die fighting u die on ur own terms. Not on the damn cancers terms

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