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Its about a year since I met her

Its about a year since I met her, I’m 17 and she’s 16 and we’re students, shared a common school and she got dummy admission in another school as she wanted to give more time to studies.

Before she left, we were good friends and had been chatting and talking to each other for 3-4 months and I had feelings for her from the past 8-9 months. So I guess it was a very good start for me and I was happy. We started knowing each other very well.And then after the exams she got admission in another school.
We continued our chatting and talking everyday and yes I was dying to meet her, see her lime the old times. And then on June 24 2015, she confessed her love and I too told her that I loved her from the last 11-12 months. And then we just got more close and the reason she couldn’t meet me is that she don’t want to meet me by any wrong means, by not betraying her parents(She’s very religious). She sometimes tell me to come to the temple to see each other as she says this can’t be a wrong mean to see other.

Its been a year and we haven’t met, we only see each other that too after months and it seen a year since I met her and I don’t think I can live anymore like this. I’ve got family problems too, there’s nothing going right and moreover I cant meet the girl I love the most, more than myself , I just love her too much. I’m starting to have the thoughts that she’s playing with me, she doesn’t love me, but as I knew her from school, she was very shy and nice and I would never expect such a thing from people like her. But since she doesn’t even chat or talk to me when her family members are near her or just her younger sister , then also she dont chat or talk to me. I do everything I can, but I don’t think I can see efforts from her.
I would like to know what should I do and if you want to ask any questions you can ask, there’s a lot more .?

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