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My husband brings 3 or 4 guys home every night

My husband brings 3 or 4 guys home every day to have group sex with me sometimes I’m not in the mood or don’t want to have sex with all the men but they don’t care almost get more turned on when I say no or I don’t want to I once said I can’t handle anymore that sparked an exsessivly harsh anal episode


  1. Call the cops on him and leave him.. Charge him with prostetuting .. He’s basically selling u to his friends.. And charge all his friends with rape..

  2. You should get divorce this is kind of like rape you should respect yourself and your body more imporntly I think your husbened should respect you or you could threaten him in divorce and say if you try to get married I will tell that women what you were doing to me I don’t mean to tell you that your not respecting yourself I’m saying you should fight for your rights

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