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I don’t know if someone will ever answer me

I don’t know if someone will ever answer me, and make me feel better with my self. I feel so bad. Me and my mom got an argument today. I don’t want to say that I hate her, because how can you hate your own mother who carried you during 9 months? The problem is that I am 18, and I start to make my own money. My mom in the other side is 48… I think that one of the reasons why she is being like this during this year it’s because she has the menopause. The thing is that today we got in an argument, becouse she wants to travel to her native country and I said in front of my dad that I didn’t want to go. So my dad said that we should not travel there this year. When my dad got out my mom started to complain about me, and bright op a lot of things like, that now that I have my own money I am not so sweet with her. So yeah. One thing got to another she started yelling at yelled at her and she began to hit me. A lot. Then

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  1. it is most definitely not just about menopause – but menopause might be contributing as to how she shows her feelings to you. Your mother may be feeling that she is no longer needed in your life since youre already making your own money and she might be feeling worthless now in terms of her part in your life. She may be thinking that you no longer see her as the one that you can always go to whenever you need her cos you are sort of independent now. But i get it that you felt bad cos this is probably a first for you and your mom to be fighting about this. I think the best way for you to tackle this is to make her feel that you still need her, as a mother, and that you still respect her and her decisions for you (atleast consider them) but at the same time let her know your feelings too about things so that both of you are able to understand each other.

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