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I feel compelled to tell this story.

I feel compelled to tell this story. This story is for the ones who have lost their faith in God the Almighty, God the Creator, The Alpha and Omega . There is no doubt what led me to tell my story was in fact a plan of His. People have fallen away from God for many reasons. I hear it all the time “if God loves everybody so much , why is there so much suffering and evil, why doesn’t He do something?” This is the main question I always hear. I have no formal education in Theology. I have only one answer to that and that is “He is doing something about it, one miracle at a time. Some people pray and say their prayers never get answered, I say they do and it manifests it self in other areas of their life. People need to understand this Gods knowledge and wisdom are something our feeble minds cannot comprehend or grasp. Think of it this way. Everything in existence is a model and within this model , is put together with math that we cannot yet comprehend. Everything is written in a form of computer code that God himself wrote . Sound ridiculous? Google the Fibonacci sequence and how that mathematical equation is used in every single thing in nature from the leaves on a tree to a starfish to our own circulatory system < One code that defines all here on Earth. Think there is not a God now? If there is no God then why are major important archaeological finds regarding Christ, and Noah and Moses all kept hush hush? If God didn’t exist then why are people in a never-ending search for the Holy Grail? It doesn’t exist so why do they continue to search for it. Ok Enough with trying to reason with the naysayers. This story I’m about to tell Is 100% true and real as I experienced this for myself. I was approximately 7 years old and during the winter as all kids do I was playing on the ice and fell and broke my Tailbone, Let me tell you, I was in some serious pain. My Grandmother , a very devout Christian , would often take me along to church. There was a husband and wife Preaching who I can’t for the life of me remember but they came into town to deliver the sermon at the churchan . My Grandmother (who I called Mimo) and I went to the service and left. I was complaining about my tailbone and Mimo said “lets go back and have them pray for your tailbone. I said ok I mean really what could I lose. We turned around and went back to the church. The husband and wife team left already, but my grandmother had talked to some ushers and they said they would pray. As the praying commenced, I became aware of a presence immediately. I couldnt see anything but sure felt it. My mind is racing around at this point. I was not at all focused on the praying , I was focused on what was going on and me thinking to myself ‘Um ,ok Gods here” and I felt what I can only describe to you as a hand that passed through my flesh and gently wrapped fingers around my tailbone and then moved it back into place. I remember this more vividly than anything else I can remember in my whole life. This hand moved my broken bone back into place and let me tell you ,I felt every single thing happening but had not one iota of pain or discomfort. The bone moved quite alot so I assume it was broken pretty good. As came to rest back in the original position, I was saying to myself , Oh my God what is happening? And I was aware of a Blueish White light but I didnt see it with my eyes . I saw it with my spirit. Kind of hard to explain and I was maintaining¬†myself as I was wanting to completely flip out. The prayer was over , I was healed immediately and my bone basically set back in position and made whole again. All I could manage to mutter was , ”It’s fixed”. My grandmother was unaffected and wasn’t the least bit surprised. I ran over to a wooden pew and began jumping up and landing square on my butt, with absolutely no pain, nothing. Mimo told me to quit jumping around . I was in complete shock and remember very little afterwards. That was an amazing thing ,now that I look back on it. I thank God everyday , not for healing my bone , but for letting me know He was there. So I have come to the conclusion using logic and reason and cold hard facts. This is how I will break it down. Something with a great intelligence and power was listening, heard the prayers and with intelligence responded to those prayers and listened to what was being asked, and with a Great intelligence , made a decision to fix a stupid kids tailbone, That entity knew with the knowledge of a surgeon what had to happen in order for repair to be made. So I ask you one last time , “Still think there is no God and do you think he does not love you?” Cmon people . Get back to God. He has always been right there and a relationship with God is really very simple. I talk to him like an old friend who is always there no matter what.

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