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How being a newer photographer lead to the best sex I ever had

Being a newer photographer, it is very difficult to find models willing to work with you for free, or trade time for prints. I had a few friends let me photograph them and I had tried Craigslist with disappointing results, that is until I saw an ad placed by a woman named Alicia. Alicia was a newer model just starting out and looking for a photographer to help build her profile. She mentioned she wanted some cute shots of her in a sundress, similar to the ones you see in a fashion catalogue. We met and once she was comfortable with me, I drove her out to a beautiful secluded spot I had discovered while taking a photo hike about a year previous. The shoot went great and I got some beautiful photos.
After the shoot, Alicia told me that she had a great time shooting with me and she could not wait to do it again. She expressed she did not want to shoot any indoor photos or photos with nudity or lingerie. She had said she had a bad precious experience with another photographer off of Craigslist. I told her that was fine and that I only wanted to shoot what she was comfortable with, which made her even more comfortable working with me. Over the next couple days, we texted back and forth, discussing photo ideas. Then, after enough texting, she came out and said that I had made her feel so safe and comfortable that she wanted to shoot a classy and tasteful Boudoir shoot, but no nudity. I was more than happy to say yes.
She arrived at my house with a bag which included her outfit. I gave her my room to change in and let the room. When I heard her knock signalling she was ready, I went back in the room.
When I entered the room, I lost my breath at the site of her for a second. Since she had mentioned she wanted to keep it classy and no nudity, I was expecting some fairly modest underwear. But instead, there she was sprawled out on my bed, legs spread, wearing a amazing teal corset which propped up her amazing double D breasts. Below, she was wearing a pair of black lace crotchless cage panties. Her perfect puffy pussy lips were peaking through the slit in the underwear just right. Immediately my cock grew stiff.
As turned on as I was, I promised myself to stay professional. We started the shoot to warm her up. After she was comfortable, I put on some music as I often do with my models. Dancing or moving to music is a natural way for a woman posing to get into naturally sexual poses. I asked her what music she liked, she gave me some suggestions and I put it on. I told her to just feel the music. Get into it and forget I was there. She took to this pretty naturally.
Before I knew what was happening, Alicia was on the bed, sexually moving and writhing to the music. Alicia mentioned she did not want to do nudity but did nothing to fix the wardrobe when corset loosened and slid down a bit, letting her tits become more exposed to the point her nipples were peaking over the top of the corset. Alicia was using running her hands all over her body, and before I new it, she began pleasuring herself right only bed, in front of my camera lens.
I wanted to touch her so bad, but I told myself to be professional. I asked her to run her hand up the side of her inner thigh for a particular shot. Still writhing, she half open her eyes, looked at me with a smile and said, “show me where you want my hand”. I placed my hand on the inner thigh and said, “right here”. I went to withdraw my hand, but that’s when she grabbed my hand and held it to her thigh. She started to guide my hand up and down her thigh. The hardness in my pants only grew. Soon, she moved her hand away and whispered, “don’t stop”. So I didn’t. I slowly ran my hand back up her inner thigh, but this time it did not come back down. I let my fingers find the way to the slit inner crotchless panties. Her puffy pussy lips were popping out of those underwear, begging to be stroked. I let me fingers ever so gently brush over the lips. Alicia arched her hips and her back and let out a little moan of approval. I continued to shoot with one hand while gently stroking her pussy lips with the finger tips of the other hand. I gently pressed my fingers into her just far enough into her to separate the lips. This resulted in another shudder and moan. Alicia ran her hands to the top of her corset and yanked it down. Her perfect tits were now fully exposed and I was fully erect. I quickly jumped off the bed and told her I would be right back. She protested my leaving, but I told her to keep herself busy for a second. She wasted no time rubbing her pussy in a circular motion.
As quick as I could, I set my camera up on a tripod, aimed it at the bed and set my shutter release to take a photo, every five seconds. With both hands now free I quickly removed my clothes and returned to the bed.
Alicia was still exploring her body with her fingers but I soon took over. I removed her hand and pinned it against the bed with my hand. I lowered my head between her amazing legs. I let my tongue work from her mid inner thigh all the way up to the slit in the crotchless panties. Again, starting slow I just let my tongue every so slightly caress her pussy lips, which had by this time become very wet. Her moans signalled her approval. I Let go of her and, grabbed her hips with both of my hands and drover my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could get it to go. Alicia’s pussy juice was running down my cheeks and neck. From the bucking of her hips and her legs clamping down on the side of my head like a bear trap, I would say it was deep enough for her. I continued licking and tongue fucking her for several moments before grabbing her hips and flipping her over, and she knew exactly what position to get into. Alicia immediately got on her knees, leaned forward on her elbows and angled her legs out into that beautiful V formation with her ass up in the air. My fingers quickly slides back into her pussy, knuckle deep, as my tongue found her ass. I ran my tongue in circles over her asshole, which resulted in another loud moan, Her hands became fists, grabbing at he sheets for dear life. I let my tongue do it’s circles for another moment, before pushing it into her from the rear. She responded with a gasp for air like her life depended on it. After several moments, I could not take it anymore. I got into position behind her and pressed my cock against her pussy. I did not slid it in, but just let the length of it press up against her lips. Impatiently, Alicia pressed her hips back into me. That was all it took. I guided the head of my cock in slowly, just enjoying the sensation and feeling of my cock separating her pussy. I slid the top of my cock in just enough to separate the lips, then pulled out and repeated this motion, just to tease her. I guess she did not like the tease because she did the rest. Alicia slammed her hips back against me driving my cock deep into her. I grabbed her hips and together, our bodies started moving in unison. Alicia started screaming. I felt a little weird because I had roommates watching TV in the other room during the shoot, but neither of us cared.
I flipped Alicia over, grabbed her legs, threw them over my shoulders and continued pounding her. I leaned down and started biting and sucking on one tit while squeezing the other with my hand. Alicia grabbed the back of my head, grabbed my hair and pressed further into me.
Alicia’s breathing got quicker and more rapid. Her body started bucking and writhing even more. With a scream and a final buck of the hips, Alicia’s juices squirted and exploded out of her pussy drenching me.
As soon as Alicia was done squirting, she pushed me up, removed her legs from my shoulders and slid down between my legs so now my cock, now drenched with her own juices, was lined up perfectly with her lips.
Alicia wrapped her hand around my still rock hard cock positioned her mouth directly under my balls. Alicia started licking my balls, running her tongue over every inch while stroking my cock with her hand. After a moment, Alicia ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock and let her tongue lick around the head of my cock. After her tongue did a few laps around my cocks head, she guided my dick straight down her throat. I started moving my hips in and out, driving my cock deep into her mouth each time. Alicia kept one hand only cock and her other hand found my balls.
Alicia massaged my balls while stroking and sucking me. Alicia could tell I was about to climax from my breathing and body movements. At the last minute she removed my cock from her mouth and let her face and tits be showered in my cum. After my initial explosion was over, Alicia returned my cock to her mouth, running her tongue up and down my shaft and head licking up and remainder of cum from my cock. I rolled over on my back, exhausted. Alicia laid back as well, but made no attempt to clean herself up so I grabbed the camera again and started snapping pics of her cum covered face and tits. Alicia just smiled and started rubbing the cum into the tits and face, then finished my licking the cum off of her fingers and blowing me a kiss.
Needless to say, I got some amazing pictures and one of the best fucks of my life. Alicia and I have planned to do some more shoots, I can only hope they end the same way.

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