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I have only had sex with four boyfriends

I have only had sex with four boyfriends before meeting and marrying my husband at the age of eighteen we got married the day after my birthday he was thirty six at the time. No matter what I did he was happy it was so easy to please him. I did anything he wanted sexually even when he started bringing other men into our bed. Soon I was losing for pictures with them then came the home made movies with me having sex with up to ten men. Now he has left me saying I can’t just keep sex between just us. I started using drugs then I was twenty three with no job no schooling and no skills except for in bed. I got a job as a small time porn star but needed to be high to do it soon I couldn’t find work since I was to high. I turned to prostitution to support my ever increasing need for cocaine. I’m now thirty and drug free married to a man my own age. He still demands at times I please him like I use to please my first husband in bed and I give in since I need him.

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