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Sometimes my dates get to freaked out

So I’m just waiting for the funds to do the operation other than that I’m a women. Sometimes my dates get to freaked out even tho they know the truth about me, some get very abusive for instance 3 nights ago I went out with this guy who I met thru a mutual friend we had talked for days he knew I was just waiting for funds to complete my transition, he asked me out I agreed thinking ng he’s cool with it , he even got smiles and thumbs up from his friends bout owning a good. looking one for a change that was a boost to my ego. The club closes he brings me home since my room-mate is gone for the weekend, I give him head and he cums within a minute then holds me asking what he could do for me since he will not be on the receiving end of a man’s attention, I told him to just hold me my man sexuality no longer works that way due to age and hormrnne treatments he holds me then gets aroused again this time demanding anal copulation I try not to I’m in no mood this way. He holds me down has his way then when he catches his breath starts to beat the shit out of me yelling that he is not gay, me telling him I didn’t think he was only made it worse. I’m just now getting out of the hospital he is calling to say sorry and to make it up to me. He wants to cumm over to show me he likes me. That’s my life as a women so far!!!

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