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Being under the constant pressure

Being under the constant pressure, and intense emotional and physical violence within a Family due to the insecurities of someone within; people make mistakes, fathers, mothers. After living for ten years and to this day every once in a while, alongside an adversity very close and constantly present. It would bring havoc and instability for a family foundation. I took the role of a father who left his chair momentarily, a family counsellor for listening and giving support for everyone, and a son; the last thing I thought of was me.
Things got way better and many of the members of my family have learned from their mistakes and live in a more stable family environment. In exchange for that ability to what I think was keeping the family together in those times of uncertainty. I thought I gave up all of my childhood and teenage years, and for sure I stopped caring for myself for too long. I finally recognized I was actually living them thanks to the support of dear friends. The real and only issue is the merging of a forgotten self with the one that was created when I stood up and attempted to keep my family together and be strong for many other people as well.
I don’t want to feel depressed and anxious when I am enjoying the rest of my grade 11 like this, I want peace.

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