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Husband insists we get 3 other men to join us during sex

I agreed finally at the age of 20 my husband 16 years older than me. He has been insisting we get 2 to 3 other men to join us during sex. I had to Ally gave in thinking just this once I really did not want to nor did I know what door into the abyss I was opening.
First as I performed oral sex on him which I seldom do its not my thing he grabbed me by the hair and for the first time ever he cummed in my mouth as another guy was penetrating me vaginally from behind. As my husband moveed aside another took his place as the one behind me came deep inside me no condoms were used. Another turned me overdo I was laying on a guys front side he turned mev over yet again, so I’m laying on top of him faceing him guiding him inside me vaginally. Another entered me anally. While yet another took my hair pulling my face to his massive cock. Oopps I have to go my controlling husband is back home


  1. I can say…this happening just becuase you are baring it. Unless you take a stand it will be remain as it is. Leave him I am sure you will find some one better then him.

  2. Agreed. You have to make a decision if you like this and want to continue. If not YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY NOW AND PUT IT TO A STOP. If your choose to stop it YOU MUST STAND UP NOW.

    I know my advice is just over 10 months later…

    I’d like to hear an update from your as to what has happened over this much time.

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