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I am a 20 year old girl from Swaziland

I am a 20 year old girl from Swaziland. This has been eating up for years, now it time to cough it out….tell the world my story… My name is Beketele which means patience bt i think it too much for me to handle

I grew up with out a father while my father was well and sound. My mom was a strong she tries by all means to feed us (the whole family). She was working at a firm earning R800.00 which was nt enough.

She then decide to do business so dat it cn help help to afford almost all our needs. After 3 years from┬áthen she built a shop…

It is whn problem started in our way. The was hatred and jealousy within the family . They then chase us we moved in a 1 room me ,my mom and younger brother…it was winter very cold having only 2 blanket ,no bed we slept on the floor shaking all night…

My mom managed 2 build a 2 rooms., but ever since then my mother lost all her money ,,

Im writing this with tears in my eyes and an empty stomach…we dont even have food or anything nt becz we want bt bcz of my family,…..

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