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I was only 6 years when I noticed my dad was drunk

I was only 6 years when I noticed my dad was a drunk, he would come home late and quarell with my mum, they would end up fighting. I tired seperating them one instead I got dragged away by my babysitter, I was so young I didn’t know why I was crying cause they were fighting but it felt right. Long story cut short.. My dad got sick mentally and pressure was on the whole family I new cause I felt it. My mum would transfer aggression one for no reason and believe it hurts when you say hello mum she yells like a savage ad threaten to beat u up you do not leave. My mother hated me for years cause she felt I was a hindrance to her success, when she had me she lost everything, her job, reputation, her father hated who she married so I had to pay the price. I grew up to experiencing love, care, concern, you know d full story when a mother hates a child..I feel sleepy already just can finish this…I’m even typing without electricity supply of course I’m in Africa, even till now im 21 I sleep on a 2 seated couch, my legs raised forward, I only lay my back. I haven’t still eaten all day of course my mother would siblings have eaten. I’m so hungry, my freezer stores just grinded pepper, I just want the world to know someone is sad in Africa. Don’t mind my abbreviations its common here. I have an amazing story to tell I could type 400pages and I’m just 21….top of all this I’m string and I’m goan be rich someday,I know it.I just want the world I here my story *tears bye for now

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