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I was raped at 5 by my 25yr old uncle

I was raped at the age of 5, by my cousins dad. I am now 16, my ‘abuser’ is 36, I have to see his face. Every single day and its slowly starting to killing me. I want to speakĀ out and get help, but I feel as if I am too late.. that no one will care, or that no one will believe me…


  1. I think you are super brave, super, super brave.
    I know it’s scary holding that big secret in for all this time, but you need to let it go and tell somebody. It’s never to late to tell the truth and tell your story.
    You deserve to live a happy life and to be able to speak out and get help.

    I wish you all the best, I hope you make the decision that’s right for you because silencing yourself doesn’t always work. xxx

  2. You are in those years of living when you think differently than you will think when you will have 30 or 40 yrs. So, I believe that you have a lot of fears and even small angry at that man. That’s normal. But believe me, you need to tell to someone very close to you this story. To someone whom you believe from your heart that is ok person, and is gentle with you. If that is not your daddy or mom, than find any relative you was always gentle and friendly with you, and tell him the whole truth. He will believe you, and you’ll have at least one person who will be on your side, if anything happens wrong in the future and who will testify for you. He will know that you are telling the truth, and if anyone don’t believe you, he (it’s better if that close person is some mature relative) will convince others that you are telling the truth. Because an adults always trust more other adult person, than some teenager. That’s how it is in this world. Don’t worry about this, our “modern” world is acting like this in 99% cases.
    So, first find that honest and close to you relative adult person, tell him the whole truth, and than, if you need, can tell to others. But after telling that relative, you don’t need to hurry. Wait untill you gain strength. You will be more relaxed when you know that at least one person believe you.
    I can only imagine how difficult situation you are surviving, and also like previous commenter, I can tell that you are very brave, and wish you the best of the best.
    Just don’t do something without consulting that close to you adult relative, whom you believe. You need the help in such situation at least of one close person.
    And after 10 or 15 years, you’ll see how time and life it self can cure everything in your life. The purpose of life is to make you healthy, and the life will patiently work for you, every day.
    Please, also I can recommend you to read the book which wrote Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls : , which will for sure help you to understand what’s happened between you and your cousins dad. If you have enough financial sources, I believe that some session from one of the Newton Institute therapist will help you a lot. . Because, when such man deliver you into hypnosis, he will know for sure that you are telling the truth. Man can’t lie while he is in hypnosis. So really, there are few options you can do, and for now just relax if you can a little. You are not alone, believe me. You have the help from the whole Universe and from your own Soul.

    Maybe you will think that I am the promoter of Newton Institute, but believe me, they have helped me after my mothers death. I’ve started to cure my self, and now I can little understand that we are not alone and that some things are normal to happen in our life. In your case, you will have the most precious help from such souls ( their certified therapists ) and you will be very surprised that there’s no such thing in this world which is can’t be solved.

    Big hug from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe. We are all One in this world and just the case that you have been written this life story here, and that we are answering you, is the prove THAT HELP EXISTS DEFINITELY. <3

  3. Sorry to hear your sad story. I cannot imagine what you have been through and what you continue to go through having to see his face most days.

    I recently watched a BBC documentary on Jimmy Saville and it focused on some of his victims, their haunting experience of abuse and why they decided to come forward about their time with Saville.

    The scariest thing that I picked up on whilst watching the documentary was how many victims there were and how many did not come forward. Whilst you feel it may be too late, it is not! I believe and often say that it is good to talk. Whether or not your cousin’s dad is punished for this awful crime you will feel much better for talking about it.

    In turn, he may well be abusing others and they may be young, as you were and those victims cannot speak out against him. It will hurt you and your family but the support will be there for you I am sure .

    Wishing you all the best.

  4. No matter how strong you are, please don’t keep it in yourself! Find someone you can trust, find a specialist and forgive this totally miserable person. You might try to write a letter to your uncle describing how hard and painful it is for you, how much do you need to let it go and don’t live in that stress and fears any more. You don’t really need to give it to him, you can burn it later but the pure fact of writing all down will help you.

    You deserve the best and I wish you a truly beautiful life full of people that care about you!

  5. It’s not too late. You will be okay. I was molested from ages 3-5 and ignored/repressed it until my therapist helped me realize I had been sexually abused. That happened just 2 months ago, I’m 17 now.

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