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A wonderful family until I entered the outside world

Growing up the large family with great loving parents is a blessing . I never realized how wonderful of a family until I entered the outside real world. I always say morals and values had a dollar amount then I am from a very rich family. The fact of the matter is I grew up in a very humble hard-working middle class family. My parents have the utmost respect for one another and carried it through to all 6 of us children. To this day my parents adore, respect and sincerely love one another They will be married 67 years on July 17th. My mom now take care of my father. He has also and is declining rather fast these days. He was diagnosed 5 years ago and although he is 93 years old is very difficult to see my father who I believe was the smartest man in the world know who we are. I’ve come to realize this is a man can I still admire a man that has always loved his family and adored his wife I and knew he was married to that’s wonderful beautiful human being.

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