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My life as a kid was the hardest thing ever

My life as a kid was the hardest things ever. See I didn’t grow up with riches and by that I don’t mean money I mean a family of Christian. I started going to the Salvation Army when I was about 3 years old. See at the time my siblings went but that didn’t last. See Sunday’s was my Favorite day. When I was young I was told I couldn’t go to church by myself because I was to young my mom couldn’t take me because she worked a lot. So I wait in the window for weeks till one Sunday they said I can come. See my heart melted, I was full of joy. Then I got a reality check in high school see things started happening in my personal life because of my family life. I started to turn to things that wasn’t me because no one cared. See I started to participate in school events started in middle school when I did this. Things like sports, music and when tech. Thought my family would give me just a moment or even a night. No they would promise they would show up and don’t. Which didn’t help the way I felt about me. But see times was dark still going to church but I got another reality this time from God. He asked me why do I really go to church. I didn’t understand what that meant till I prayed about it. It meant is it for my friends and attention or for God. I answered this truthfully and realized that it wasn’t for God at all. Then I knew I need my life back on track. After all when I felt down and alone God pulled me up. See my point is that no matter what going on and how I felt and not knowing who I knew from my church and prayer I would be just okay. And things got even better I did not a fan study which also changed my life. God then reviled to me that I have a calling to be in ministry. See my whole life I put my faith and religion in front of everything. And even my closest friends can tell you just because I go to church that doesn’t make me a Christian it’s what I do out side of the church that makes me a a follower of Christ. Luke 9:23 is my life verse because I will take up the cross and I choose to follow him daily.

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