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Hi I’m just an 11 year old girl

Hi I’m just an 11 year old girl, ready to share my story. Just a few months ago, my parents told me that we will be moving across the country this upcoming summer. I didn’t know how to respond, other than immense shock and dispair. I was devastated. My brother who is 13, suffers from an illness and is in the hospital 24/7. My parents are luckily very successful at there jobs, and are healthy both physically and mentally. My Brother is also upset about the move, but is mentally happy. I am overweight and am very depressed. I want to kill myself because, I am so stressed about the move, I can’t say goodbye to my current home and friends, life is just too hard, and I hate my body. I can’t stand this anymore. I’m moving across the country in 3 and a half weeks. Bummer. Life is useless. I’m just hanging by a thread.

This is my life story. I hope it taught you how lucky you are.

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  1. I know that you’re scared and mad and feel like this move is the worst thing ever…trust me when I say it’s not. You will meet new friends and make new memories. You can stay in contact with old friends. Don’t hate anything about yourself. God Beautifully Designed you to be Just Who You Are! And God doesn’t make mistakes. You are beautiful and have a bright future ahead of you. Look at this move as an amazing new adventure.

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